In the wake of the novel-coronavirus outbreak, Apple (AAPL 0.64%) is taking steps to monitor its App Store. 

iPhone app developers told CNBC Apple is removing apps focused on coronavirus if they aren't coming from a reputable source. Four app developers said their apps were rejected even though some relied on data from the World Health Organization. 

The iPhone maker has reportedly instituted a rule that any app related to coronavirus has to be released by an official health organization or government agency. This comes as misinformation and fake cures are spreading on the Internet. 

Globe with a mask covering it.

Image source: Getty Images.

Apple isn't alone in trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus misinformation. A host of technology companies are working on solutions. Earlier this week, Facebook (META 2.98%) said it was providing the WHO with free ads and is working with the agency to provide timely and accurate information on its platform. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg also pledged to purge Facebook of misinformation and fake cure posts. Alphabet's (GOOG 1.25%) (GOOGL 1.27%) Google is also running a page within the Google Play store listing apps that will help consumers stay informed. The CDC, American Red Cross and Doctors on Demand are the top three apps listed.