Domino's Pizza (DPZ -0.49%) has been a market leader when it comes to delivery. In fact, the pizza company has always used a delivery and takeout model -- forgoing in-store seating.

That leaves the company well positioned for the current crisis, since it has a dedicated delivery force in place and a customer base used to ordering takeout and delivery. Now, however, with coronavirus becoming a growing concern, the company has decided to offer contactless delivery.

A pizza delivery person.

Image source: Getty Images.

What is Domino's doing?

The pizza chain has decided to take any fear of getting infected out of its delivery process. Doing that includes offering consumers a way to get food delivered without having any interaction with the person making the delivery. CEO Ritch Allison explained the policy in an open letter to customers:

We also want to make sure that customers know that we will deliver any way they choose. Whether they prefer a delivery left at the front door or at a reception desk, our delivery instruction box is the place to put any special directions. We know many people would like to choose contactless delivery right now and we want customers to know we're here to deliver.

Domino's has been using this delivery method successfully in a number of countries around the world.

Could Domino's be a coronavirus winner?

With its delivery-based model, Domino's is well positioned to succeed in a country that has implemented widespread efforts to keep public gatherings from happening. The chain may still see its sales drop but it probably won't have the massive loss of sales that many other restaurants face due to coronavirus.