With analysts expecting a sharp increase in Amazon.com (AMZN 0.91%) Prime Video streaming due to coronavirus, the e-commerce giant has rolled out a new feature that will eventually allow users to set up account profiles.

Netflix (NFLX -0.01%) has offered that capability for years. With an unprecedented amount of kids in need of entertainment as they abide by shelter-in-place orders, the addition of the feature is a timely one for Amazon.

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Keeping watch history distinct

Profiles will allow users to segregate their viewing preferences and let parents set profiles for their children.

Amazon says a kid's profile makes sure that only age-appropriate TV shows and movies, ones that have a maturity rating for children 12 and under, are visible in the menu. However, content that has been downloaded, including from an adult's profile, would be accessible. Amazon and it also notes kids programming may contain advertising.

Profiles are not universal yet, as they're only available in some countries. Engadget reports that the capabilities are available in India and some countries in Asia and Africa, but is not yet available in the U.S. or the U.K. It is being rolled out globally in phases, though there is no time frame on when it will be available worldwide.

When the profiles come to your device, you will be able to create as many as six profiles from one account.