Papa John's (PZZA -2.71%) lost money last year in the wake of the multiple scandals that involved its founder John Schnatter. The company had forecast a return to profitability in 2020 and that may be helped along by the coronavirus pandemic.

With people being forced to mostly stay at home to stop the spread of the virus, inexpensive restaurants with delivery-based operations have experienced increased demand, and the pizza chain plans to hire up to 20,000 more workers to help get its food to customers.

A pepperoni pizza.

Pizza has become even more popular during the current coronavirus pandemic. Image source: Getty Images.

What is Papa John's doing?

It makes sense that pizza chains would see increased demand during a period when people are stuck at home and many have seen their income shrink or disappear. Papa John's offers a lot of food for relatively little money and that's the right recipe for the current crisis.

"For anyone looking for immediate ways to earn an income, we're making it quick and simple to apply, interview and be hired at Papa John's," said Papa John's Chief People Officer Marvin Boakye in a press release. "We are in the unique position -- as a restaurant that specializes in delivery and carryout -- to help our communities through this crisis."

Jobs are needed

Papa John's joins a growing list of companies that are hiring due to the current circumstances being good for business. That's an important development, as many retailers have been forced to close and many cannot afford to pay workers to not work. These jobs may provide a lifeline for people who need a way to make money until the coronavirus crisis passes.