Starbucks (SBUX -1.39%) is kicking in more than coffee on the house for the healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. The global coffee chain announced Wednesday that it's giving more than $3 million to an array of charities and nonprofits involved in efforts to fight the pandemic and help those in need.

The company's charitable fund, the Starbucks Foundation, is giving $1 million to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This fund supports several arms of the response network that work to help the poor, research the disease, track its spread, and get crucial equipment to medical personnel.

Starbucks worker holding two drinks on a tray.

Image source: Starbucks.

It's also donating $1 million to Give2Asia to fund a project that will support front-line medical workers in China and help smaller communities develop the resources to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Starbucks had previously given funds to the Chinese Red Cross.

"As the world grapples with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, we are dedicated to serving communities through the lens of Our Mission and Values: to inspire and nurture the human spirit --one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time," said John Kelly, a board member of The Starbucks Foundation. 

The Starbucks Foundation has already contributed to various organizations in the U.S., including $250,000 to the COVID-19 Response Fund which is run through the Seattle Foundation in the company's home town. It's pledged another $250,000 to organizations that provide shelter and other resources to those who are homeless or in need.

Recognizing that New York City has been the hardest hit municipality in the U.S., it's giving $250,000 to Robin Hood's COVID Response Fund, which aids the nonprofits providing emergency support in the  city. In addition, it's giving $50,000 donation to the United Way of New York City, $25,000 to the New York City Police Foundation, and $25,000 to the Food Bank for New York City.

Finally, it is supporting the United Way's coronavirus-related efforts in the U.S. and Canada, and is donating funds to hospital foundations in Canada.