Beginning Monday, May 4, JetBlue Airways (JBLU 2.13%) passengers will be required to wear face coverings from the beginning of the check-in process all the way through deplaning. JetBlue is among a group of airlines that have initiated personal protective equipment (PPE) policies to address operating during the ongoing pandemic.

Last week, United Airlines Holdings (UAL -0.89%) announced it would require its flight attendants to wear face coverings while on duty. The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) union supported the plan, but asked federal authorities to include passengers in the requirement. JetBlue had already required its flight attendants wear face coverings while working. 

airplane taking off from runway with sun behind it

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American Airlines Group (AAL -0.47%) separately announced new cleaning procedures, and said it would be offering PPE to passengers, including sanitizing wipes or gels, as well as face masks, beginning in early May. The airline will require its flight attendants wear face coverings on every mainline and regional flight starting May 1, 2020. American also said it has added a drawer in the galley on mainline flights to specifically hold masks and sanitizing wipes. 

Airlines are aiming to enhance the safety as well as provide passengers with more peace of mind in trying to attract customers back. New practices will include revised seating arrangements to allow for distancing, and revamped cleaning practices. American has detailed procedures of "more thorough cleaning, more often," and JetBlue said it has "increased the rigor of its aircraft cleanings at night and between flights."