While Disney (DIS 0.55%) theme parks sometimes seem like worlds unto themselves, they still must follow state guidelines. As many states begin to assess their lockdowns, and neighboring Georgia has opened most of its businesses, the state of Florida has created a task force to determine guidelines for how Disney World can safely reopen.

Regulating the gamut of activities

Disney World is composed of many different parts that each require their own set of standards. The task force was assigned to make recommendations for restaurants, theaters, hotels, and other entertainment facilities, all of which apply to Disney World.

The 44-person task force included Orlando community members, sports team executives, and Disney executives. 

Disney Cinderella Castle.

Image source: Walt Disney.

Socializing, staying apart

Some of the guidelines that the task force set forth are:

  • The park will begin operation at 50% capacity and then move to 75% capacity.
  • Queues for rides should have markers set up six feet apart.
  • All employees will need to wear face masks and have their temperature taken before they enter. Someone whose temperature is over 100.4 F will be sent home.
  • Employees will regularly disinfect and wipe down surfaces.
  • There should be touch-free sanitizing stations at every ride's entrance and exit plus all turnstiles and ticketing areas.

The task force did not indicate when the park may be able to reopen. Disney World employees have been furloughed since April 19.