Casino operator MGM Resorts (NYSE:MGM) closed down all of its U.S. casino resorts in March. Now, it's planning to slowly reopen for business. In a press release today, MGM outlined its seven-point safety plan designed "to deter the spread of the [novel coronavirus], protect customers and employees and rapidly respond to potential new cases."  

And part of this plan may depend on you.

Mock Las Vegas sign that says "COVID19 Stay Home Stay Safe"

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MGM will be screening its resort employees for "signs and symptoms of infection," including taking their temperatures for signs of fever. Guests will be "asked" to self-screen, and stay away from the resorts if they believe they have contracted COVID-19.

Similarly, all MGM resort employees will be given and "required to wear" protective masks and other protective gear such as gloves. Guests will not be "required" to do the same, but MGM will "strongly encourage guests" to wear masks when in public areas -- and will provide free masks to guests who request them.

MGM will encourage guests to maintain a six-foot distance one from another "wherever feasible," and will install plexiglass barriers to physically separate guests and employees. Soap, water, and hand sanitizer stations will be available, and guests and employees encouraged to use both frequently.

MGM also hopes to use its HVAC systems to further clear the air and "mitigate the risk of virus transmission ... as scientific information becomes available" on how best to do this.

Finally, MGM's guest app will permit guests to check themselves into its resorts without needing to visit a reception desk.

If all else fails, MGM is developing procedures for treatment, containment, and disinfection if COVID-19 appears uninvited on the premises.

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