What happened

Shares of The Michaels Companies (NASDAQ:MIK) soared on Monday. As of 1:38 p.m. EDT, the stock traded 51% higher based on a rosy analyst report.

So what

The arts and crafts retailer reported first-quarter results last Thursday, showing a 28% year-over-year revenue drop and a net loss of $0.43 per share. Both results were lower than expected, but the stock rose by double-digit percentages anyway because Michaels also said that 79% of its stores were open for business.

Analyst firm J.P. Morgan pondered these results for a few days before releasing a glowing analysis of Michaels. The firm gave Michaels an "overweight" rating and added it to a focus list as a strong value idea. The price target was lifted from $7 to $13 per share, 135% above Friday's closing price and another 57% above the current share prices.

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Now what

J.P. Morgan analyst Christopher Horvers argued that many retailers are good buys at current prices under the assumption that the economy will continue to recover from the COVID-19 shutdowns of the past few months. Michaels would be a leading value among that group due to improving margins into 2021, a new management team, and a clear path to positive same-store sales growth.

I do agree that Michaels would be a great value under those assumptions, trading at just 5 times trailing earnings and 2.6 times free cash flows today. That's asking for an unrealistic amount of market improvements, though. J.P. Morgan's investment thesis will fall apart in a hurry if a second wave of COVID-19 infections comes along, forcing nonessential retailers like Michaels to close their stores again.

You can gamble on a quick market rebound by investing in Michaels at these low prices, but I would not recommend that you back up the truck and bet the farm. There are lots of far safer investments available in these uncertain times.

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