Volatility spells opportunity for nimble investors. There are already some pretty great stocks trading well below their recent highs, and any chance to pick up quality companies at lower prices shouldn't be squandered.

DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG)DocuSign (NASDAQ:DOCU), and Wingstop (NASDAQ:WING) are all trading at least 25% below their recent highs as of Thursday's close. Naturally they all were falling even harder on Friday. If the market keeps selling off in November these are some of the names that look cheap enough to add to your portfolio.

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DraftKings: Down 42%

It was a brutal October for DraftKings after hitting all-time highs earlier in the month. Investors flocked to the sportsbook operator and fantasy sports specialist as pro sports resumed play over the summer. However, like every other NBA team outside of the Los Angeles Lakers, things didn't end well for DraftKings investors in the bubble.

Keeping players on the field and games on schedule remain a challenge across all sports, but DraftKings deserves some credit for what it has gotten right. When most leagues hit pause on their seasons following the COVID-19 outbreak DraftKings turned to new competitive offerings including golf, NASCAR, UFC, and European soccer to fill the void. Revenue rose 24% for DraftKings during the dry second quarter, and that growth likely accelerated sharply for the third quarter that DraftKings will discuss in less than two weeks. DraftKings has stuck interesting deals with media companies to promote its brand and expand its audience of sports fans. DraftKings loves gamblers, and now is a good time to bet on DraftKings.

DocuSign: Down 26%

The market is getting woozy with COVID-19 cases surging worldwide, but DocuSign is built for times like these. It dominates the electronic signatures market, and you can be sure that we're going to be doing even more digital signing of documents in the future. 

Revenue growth is picking up the pace at DocuSign. Its top line rose 45% in its fiscal second quarter that ended in July. Billings are climbing even faster, up 61% in its latest quarter. It has smoked Wall Street profit targets consistently, beating them by triple digits in three of the past four quarters. It keeps raising its guidance at every quarterly checkpoint. DocuSign's stock weakness should prove temporary. Now would be a good time to sign on its virtually dotted line. 

Wingstop: Down 29%

Only a handful of restaurant concepts have thrived in 2020. You won't find one that has performed better than Wingstop, even if its recent stock chart doesn't bear a resemblance to its fundamentals. The fast-growing chain of small-box eateries specializing in chicken wings and fries has stepped up its game in the pandemic reality. 

Wingstop was that rare chain that actually posted positive comps even in late March -- rising nearly 9% -- when most people were hunkering down. It helps that 80% of its domestic sales were already off-premise orders as a result of its strong digital ordering and takeout game. The growth has gotten even better as the crisis continues. Comparable-restaurant sales soared 32% in its latest quarter. The pace should slow at this point, but there's no reason for its long-running streak of positive comps to change anytime soon. Wingstop is ready to fly again.

DraftKings, DocuSign, and WingStop have corrected sharply, but they continue to be some of the market's strongest growth stocks. Take a closer look and you'll probably agree that they should be near the top of your list for quality stocks at low prices to buy if the market continues to sell off.

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