General Motors (NYSE:GM) will supply heavy-truck maker Navistar (NYSE:NAV) with hydrogen fuel cells for a new electric semi truck, the companies said on Wednesday.

Navistar said that the collaboration with GM is part of a "complete solution" for fleet customers seeking zero-emissions heavy trucks. That complete solution also includes a privately held hydrogen-fuel company, OneH2, which will provide and deliver fuel for the new trucks. Navistar said that it is taking a minority stake in OneH2.

A blue International RH semi truck with a tanker trailer.

Navistar is developing an electric version of its International RH semi truck. The company expects to begin on-road testing with J.B. Hunt Transport Services next year. Image source: Navistar.

Long-haul trucker J.B. Hunt Transport Services (NASDAQ:JBHT) has agreed to test the new trucks in a pilot program beginning in late 2022, the companies said. 

Financial terms of the partnerships were not disclosed. 

Navistar CEO Persio Lisboa said that hydrogen fuel cells offer "great promise for heavy-duty trucks" because of the quick refueling times, energy density, and ease of adding additional range that the technology allows.

GM is packaging its Hydrotec fuel cells, made in Michigan by a joint venture between GM and Honda Motor (NYSE:HMC), into what it calls a "power cube" for Navistar. The power cubes provide 80 kilowatts of net power from over 300 fuel cells that are packaged with thermal and power-management systems, GM said. 

A blue metal box about 48 inches long by 31 inches wide.

GM's Hydrotec Power Cube packages fuel cells with systems to keep them cool and running smoothly. Navistar's hydrogen trucks will each use two of the units, GM said. Image source: General Motors.

The Navistar fuel-cell trucks, which will be based on the company's International RH Series semis, will each use two of the Hydrotec power cubes. 

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