Alex Lieberman co-founded Morning Brew just six years ago, and has helped grow the media guide into a $75 million company that is fast becoming the go-to source for millennials seeking business news. 

But nothing the young CEO had experienced prepared him for the turmoil of 2020. 

During a Jan. 16 appearance on Motley Fool Live, Lieberman and Motley Fool marketing manager Margaret Powell discussed the most important thing he learned during the pandemic.


Margaret Powell: You mentioned that you being a first-time founder and young founder, probably the growth and the experiences you had over this year have been so pivotal. When you look back to like five years or five-and-three quarters years ago [laughs] when the group first started, is there one thing that you know now about running a business that you absolutely wish you could have told yourself five years ago?

Alex Lieberman: The biggest thing that I would say is, be great at thinking about the second-order effects of your decisions. I think as young founders, young professionals, it is so easy to think about a decision based on what you know now and whether that decision makes sense or not. I think what I found is, the best leaders that I've ever spoken to, are thinking four steps ahead.