What happened

Shares of industrial giant Whirlpool (WHR -2.99%) are tumbling in early afternoon trading Thursday, down 9.5% as of 12:55 p.m. EST.

Heading into Q4, analysts had forecast that Whirlpool would earn $6.07 per share in pro forma profit on quarterly sales of $5.6 billion. In fact, Whirlpool ended up earning $6.64 per share, though, and on sales of $5.8 billion. So this is a curious reaction investors are having to news that Whirlpool just beat on both sales and earnings -- but it is what it is.  

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So what

And it gets even more curious the further you read into the earnings report.  

Whirlpool reports that Q4 was "very strong" for the home appliances manufacturer, showing 7.7% sales growth over Q4 2019, a net profit margin up 340 basis points at 8.6%, and "strong consumer demand" driving all of the above.

For the full year, earnings were "solid," and well ahead of both estimates and Whirlpool's own guidance, at $17.07 per share in earnings when calculated according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Free cash flow grew by leaps and bounds, too -- $1.2 billion in cash profits generated, a 36.6% increase year over year.

Now what

Topping off all that, Whirlpool informed investors that it anticipates growing its GAAP earnings in 2021 by a further 4% to 10%, to anywhere from $17.80 to $18.80 for the year, on sales of perhaps $20.6 billion.

For purposes of comparison, the company noted that its "adjusted" earnings per share (that's pro forma) will range from $19 to $20. At the midpoint of that range, Whirlpool looks set to easily surpass the $19.10 pro forma profit that Wall Street is projecting for it -- thus "beating" on earnings for a second year in a row. The company's sales guidance similarly leapfrogs Wall Street's projection for $20.1 billion in fiscal 2021 sales.

Now, how investors come away from all of this with the conclusion that Whirlpool stock should go down 10% today is beyond me. At 11.2 times trailing earnings, with a growth rate of as much as 10% and a very respectable 2.3% dividend yield, Whirlpool stock looks better than fairly priced to me.