What happened

Cannabidiol (CBD) products specialist Charlotte's Web Holdings (CWBHF -1.64%) is taking a ride on the raging marijuana-stock bull; on Tuesday, it advanced along with other cannabis stocks to close more than 14% higher on the day. 

So what

Charlotte's Web didn't have any fresh, stock-moving news of its own to report, but developments elsewhere in corporate weed propelled it higher.

Hand making OK sign in front of marijuana plants.

Image source: Getty Images.

The latest of these is Tuesday's third-quarter earnings report from Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth (CGC -6.19%). To no one's surprise, the typically loss-making company was deep in the red for the quarter, with a net loss equating to $650 million.

But stocks, as we know, don't trade on past performance. Investors were delighted with the company's pronouncement that, thanks to cost-cutting, it's "firmly on a path" to be profitable in fiscal 2022.

That provided another ray of optimism for cannabis companies, which have really acquired a bullish glow lately. Last week, three powerful Democratic senators pledged to bring the legislative marijuana reform process in their chamber forward to the early part of this year.

Now what

Investors seem to feel that if Canopy Growth, which is persistently splattered in red ink, might soon reach consistent profitability, occasionally-in-the-black Charlotte's Web surely can, too. Also, as a CBD company, it doesn't face many of the difficulties marijuana companies contend with (illegality in certain states, black market competition, etc.).

Still, I'm not convinced the current CBD fad is durable, plus Charlotte's Web isn't that diversified. I'd be cautious with this stock.