Gravity (GRVY 0.95%) is a growing gaming company that should at least have a place on your watch list. Gravity currently owns the Franchise of Ragnarok, a trendy game with multiple titles in South Korea. The current market cap is around $900 million, and it is down over 40% from its all-time highs (as of midday Feb. 25).

Here are three growth catalysts for Gravity that investors should know about:

  1. Gravity is expanding to other countries, mainly focusing on Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more).
  2. Gravity is also entering new game genres. It has partnered up with the NBA for mobile gaming and is creating an authentic baseball game based on the Chinese Professional Baseball League's license.
  3. Gaming companies are still showing expansion, mainly in the mobile gaming world -- a market that Gravity is currently focusing on.