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Jose Najarro

Jose Najarro


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This Is Why Intel Could Delay Certain Manufacturing Investments

Semiconductor companies are looking for government assistance.

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Why AMD and Nvidia Were Down Big on Tuesday

Could things get worse for these semiconductor giants?

Jose Najarro

1 Semiconductor Stock That Should Be on Your Radar

This company focuses on manufacturing chips, and it is not TSMC.

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Why I'm Bullish on These 4 Stocks That Are Down Big

Are these opportunities for long-term investors?

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3 Tips and Tricks That Have Helped My Investing Mindset

Keeping a positive long-term mentality can sometimes be hard during market declines.

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Can Netflix Ever Recover?

The streaming giant is clouded by powerful bearish sentiments, but is it game over for Netflix?


Meta Is Investing in Augmented Reality -- Will it Pay Off?

The company has a lucrative long-term strategy.


Why Twilio Stock is Looking Impressive for Long-Term Investors

Many positive signs for the company.

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Here Is Some Bullish News for AMD Investors

An analyst sees strong growth in the server market.

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Should Nvidia Investors Be Worried?

A considerable number of graphics cards may be entering the market.

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This Is a Major Reason to Be Bullish on AMD

AMD solutions continue to expand in the data center market.

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Should Micron Technology Investors Be Worried?

A recent report shows prices of DRAM memory are decreasing.

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3 Stocks Affected by the Decline in Crypto

Are these three stocks a buy after the decline in Bitcoin?

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Twilio Is Down 80%. Here Are 3 Reasons to Be Bullish

There is also one bearish point Twilio investors should watch.

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Should Amazon Take Notes on Roku's and Walmart's Partnership?

Roku is increasing its advertisement solutions.

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Why AMD and Nvidia Were Down Big on Thursday

A slowdown in consumer spending has investors worried.

Jose Najarro

Here's Why I'm Still Bullish on Semiconductors

Strong growth is still expected for the semiconductor market.


Even After Its Stock Split, Amazon Still Has Plenty of Upside

Here's what these Motley Fool contributors are excited about at Amazon.

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How Bad Is a Crypto Winter for Coinbase?

Coinbase is laying off employees to prepare for an uncertain market.

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Tesla: Price Targets, Tweets, Stock Split, and More

Tesla sees strong demand for its right-hand drive vehicles.

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