In today's video, I look at Tattooed Chef's (TTCF) recent news and why the stock is experiencing a massive sell-off. 

Four reasons for the stock price drop

  1. On April 15, 2021, the CEO sold roughly 1.3 million shares. It is important to note that after the transaction, the CEO still holds over 30 million shares.
  2. On April 15, 2021, the CFO resigned from his position, effective immediately. It is never a good sign when an insider leaves the team, but it looks particularly bad when it happens after the CEO sells some shares.
  3. The negative news made investors resurface a short report released in November 2020.
  4. The downtrend on growth stocks and SPACs continued during yesterday's trading session. 

Click the video below for my full thoughts. 

*Stock Prices used were the mid-day prices of April 19, 2021. The video was published on April 19, 2021.