Pfizer (PFE -3.07%) recently reported earnings -- and gave a very positive update regarding what to expect from its coronavirus vaccine this year. In this Motley Fool Live video recorded on May 28, 2021, Healthcare and Cannabis Bureau Editor and Analyst Olivia Zitkus and contributor Adria Cimino discuss the news in Pfizer's earnings report that may signal major ongoing success for the vaccine.

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Olivia Zitkus: From Pfizer's recent earnings report, I'm wondering if anything besides some of their conversations and their new expanded authorization -- What stood out to you from that report? Anything in particular that investors need to be keeping an eye on or watch in the future?

Adria Cimino: From the earnings report, I would say the regulatory pathway of 100 days to update the vaccine. Because they were really talking about the idea that in the future, if they have to change this vaccine, how much time to get it changed and updated, and as we see with the variants, I think this is very important. We need to know that this could be done quickly because if they couldn't, then it could really represent a big threat. It's key to get the right vaccine out there as these variants gain ground. You might say well, Pfizer is a huge company, could this really mean a whole lot? They've tons of products out there and everything, but actually Pfizer expects $26 billion in vaccine revenue this year, and then they have to split that with BioNTech, their partner. But still, it represents a big deal for Pfizer. They expect vaccine revenue to make up 36% of this year's revenue, and that's up from an earlier estimate of 25%. So really this is a big product for Pfizer, it really is, and so it's key that they keep on top of this, and get it right each time.

Olivia Zitkus: Exactly. It's good for good public health news and the investors, all that.