Moderna (MRNA 13.67%) recently posted its first profit. That's thanks to billions of dollars in sales of its coronavirus vaccine in the first quarter. In this Motley Fool Live video recorded on May 28, 2021, Healthcare and Cannabis Bureau Editor and Analyst Olivia Zitkus and contributor Adria Cimino discuss how much revenue to expect from Moderna this year -- and the company's near-term priorities.

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Olivia Zitkus: Moderna, they had announced that it signed contracts worth as much as 18 billion for 2021, right? How does that first quarter of revenue, that 1.7 billion, fit into that bigger number?

Adria Cimino: Well, I think it shows just one full quarter of the vaccine, its first full quarter. I think that moving forward, we're going to see a lot more. I expect the next quarters to be even stronger as they get the whole production and delivery ramp-up going. I would expect to see things strengthening as we go along. Now the next focus for Moderna really needs to be the manufacturing ramp-up. The deals for next year, getting the booster. They mentioned that the booster probably will be ready for fall, so all of that is going to be crucial at this point to moving along. We'll have to be monitoring that in the coming months.