What happened

So Tesla (TSLA -2.76%) is in the history books -- and it was "an absolute head scratcher" according to Dan Ives, managing director at investment bank Wedbush Securities.

Wedbush didn't change its "outperform" rating on Tesla stock this morning in response to the company's plan to build its own D1 computer chips to run its Dojo supercomputer and power a humanoid "Bot" -- but it did express bemusement that this is Tesla's focus in an environment of "rising EV competition and safety issues for Tesla," reports TheFly.com. Wells Fargo called the company's timeline, of having even just a prototype Bot ready by 2022, "optimistic" -- and left its rating unchanged as well, at "equal weight."  

Passenger in car looks skeptically at his robot driver

Image source: Getty Images.

So what

But hey, in at least one respect, AI Day was a success: It generated headlines for Tesla -- and about a 2.3% stock price bump as of 9:45 a.m. EDT this morning.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that the new Bot prototype -- 5 feet, 8 inches tall, weighing 125 pounds, and able to lift 150 pounds -- will arrive next year, and it will incorporate some of the same technology that goes into Tesla's electric cars. It will be "designed to mimic the way humans think." Oh, and Musk reassured that the robot will "be friendly of course."

Now what

In his presentation on the Bot, Musk said his aim was to make "physical work ... a choice" by creating a robot able to take over repetitive tasks and help alleviate labor shortages in the workforce. But the 2022 arrival date seems like a stretch, and you probably shouldn't get your hopes up about that one.

Companies like Boston Dynamics and Honda (HMC 0.22%) have been working on humanoid robots for years -- but few people have actually seen one outside of YouTube videos. Investors are better advised to invest in Tesla for its cars, and in that regard, Tesla had another reveal last night: Cybertruck, initially planned to begin production and delivery this year, now isn't expected to arrive until next year.

Just like the robot.