Sports-first live TV streaming service fuboTV (FUBO) continues to shine when it comes to execution. The company announced on Thursday that the fast-growing app is now available on yet another smart TV streaming platform. The move impressively means fuboTV is now available on essentially every major smart TV platform in the U.S., highlighting the vigor behind the company's rapid expansion.

The latest smart TV platform fuboTV is launching on is Vizio's (VZIO 0.75%) SmartCast. 

fuboTV app displayed on Vizio smart TV

Image source: fuboTV.

fuboTV launches on Vizio

fuboTV is now available on connected TV and speaker specialist Vizio's SmartCast streaming-TV platform. Like other streaming-TV platforms, Vizio offers a variety of subscription-based and ad-supported apps. It also has its own ad-supported video apps, including WatchFree and VIZIO Free Channels.

As an aggregator of content, fuboTV brings a massive library of content to Vizio, including over 100 channels and tens of thousands of live sporting events annually. Of course, fuboTV also brings its highly customized experience, including the ability to have up to six personalized users within a single fuboTV subscription; recordings that never expire; and more.

A valuable partner to Vizio

While the availability of fuboTV on Vizio SmartCast is important for fuboTV because its streaming service is now essentially available on every top streaming platform in the U.S., the move is equally important to Vizio -- highlighting how fuboTV has become a must-have service for streaming platforms.

Not only does fuboTV bring with it a wide array of content and a great user experience, but it gives Vizio access to a fast-growing streaming app with a highly engaged user base.

In fuboTV's second quarter, subscribers increased 138% year over year to about 682,000. Approximately 91,000 subscribers were added in Q2 alone. The service also features a valuable advertising business. fuboTV's ad revenue grew 281% year over year to $16.5 million during the period as marketers targeted the company's highly engaged user base; streaming hours on fuboTV soared 148% year over year to 245 million during the period.

Looking ahead, fuboTV expects its strong momentum to continue. Management guided for full-year 2021 revenue to be between $560 million and $570 million, translating to more than 115% year-over-year growth at the midpoint. In addition, the company expects subscriber count to be as high as 920,000 by the end of the year, closing in on 1 million.

And investors shouldn't forget that fuboTV is also preparing for the launch of a real-money wagering platform. Attempting to capitalize on its highly engaged user base, fuboTV is on track to launch Fubo Sportsbook in Q4 of this year.