Sea Limited (SE -0.60%) has three businesses that work together to make each separate business even more valuable. Garena, short for "gaming arena," has a worldwide mobile hit, Free Fire, on its hands. The company is using that popularity as a base of operations to open up a branch of its e-tailing business, Shopee. Then there's Sea Money, which lets users transfer cash around the world.

On this video recording of The Five, Jason Hall, Auri Hughes, and Taylor Carmichael discuss some of their favorite large-cap stocks. In this clip, Taylor explains why he's a buyer of Sea Limited. This segment was recorded live on Aug. 30

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Jason Hall: Taylor, what's your large cap here?

Taylor Carmichael: Sea. I like to call it Sea, because Sea Limited sounds limiting, and I don't like that word, "limited."

Hall: Sea unlimited Limited.

Carmichael: Sea Unlimited would be my name for them, yeah. It's funny. My family, we first bought shares, it was $30 a share. And the way I sold it, it's like the Amazon (AMZN -0.34%) of Southeast Asia. Well, I talked them into buying more at a $100 a share. And we just bought some more at $300 a share. It's been a little ten-bagger for us, and we're still adding to it.

These guys are absolutely amazing. They have a flywheel effect. They have three businesses in one. It's not just Amazon. They also have PayPal (PYPL -1.12%). They also have Activision Blizzard (ATVI). So imagine there's three different businesses and each one creating -- it's a flywheel. It creates value and it brings in customers. They are invading other countries. They started off in Southeast Asia, seven countries over there, which is a population that's just as big as North America. And now they're in South America. Now they're in Brazil.

They opened the door with their video game, Free Fire, which is the most popular download in the world. It's a combat game. I've actually never played it, but apparently it's a lot of fun. It's the freemium model. So Sea was built on their video-gaming part. And unlike Activision Blizzard and all the giants here in the West, they were created after the iPhone hit. So they focus solely on mobile games. They get people with the mobile games, and then they start offering them deals to get into their Amazon network -- their Shopee is what they call it. They start getting them into that, and then they have their Sea Money, which is their PayPal. They've got three distinct businesses. Each one can be worth an incredible value. I love this company.