Apple (AAPL 1.66%) will likely have a record holiday quarter thanks to its refreshed product lineup and booming economies in many parts of the world.  

In this video from "Beat & Raise" from Motley Fool Liverecorded on Oct. 6, Fool contributors Demitri Kalogeropoulos, Rachel Warren, and Brian Withers discuss why the iPhone maker's stock looks attractive even after its rally in recent months.

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Brian Withers: I'm Apple customer and fan. [laughs] I may help them around this quarter. What about you, Rachel?

Rachel Warren: I was just going to say I love Apple too. I'm a shareholder. [laughs] I think many people I know are, but it's a great stock. I love that it's always innovating.

It's always coming out with new things that keep people interested in it's products. I think its services are hugely not untapped area, but an area where it has so much room to grow that I feel like sometimes gets left out when you're looking at all of its products and things. I just think that there's nowhere that it can't expand to if it wants too over the future. I think it's one of those companies that it's been around forever, but you buy it now, you can still see tons of growth in the future.

Withers: Yeah. Great point. I just wanted to mention when I bought one of the new iMacs. You could get it buy now pay later scenario with Apple. But the way you had to do it, was to get their credit card [laughs] and then they put their credit card.

It was interesting.

But I bet they're going to be pushing their credit card this quarter and get a lot of consumers upgrading with their buy now pay later thing. That is, why wouldn't you do it over six months or 12 months or whatever? Interest-free.

All I have to do is get an Apple credit card, well that's cool. Yeah, they quietly do little things like that just to expand their ecosystem. It's pretty impressive.

Demitri Kalogeropoulos: I watched their hardware reveal. I think it was around two weeks ago, I don't know if you've got to see that. But they are planning a big content push in that fitness area. I was surprised.

They are Apple TV Plus, obviously, they're making a big push into that content and making first run, great movies and shows and getting up there with Netflix in that competitive niche.

But the fitness thing that surprised me, they're hundreds of hours, they've got all these celebrities, all these different activities, all these different workouts. Like I said, with celebrity trainers, hundreds of trainers, they're putting a big push into that and that's obviously going to be tied to the watch.

Then help people in that regard and give them hours of content they can do for health reasons which I think is exciting avenues they can go to.

Withers: They do have a monthly fitness subscription that you can get, but I think it's only like 10 bucks a month. Yeah, that's definitely competing with the connected fitness trend and the online space.

It's amazing when they choose to do something, they're going to throw a lot of money at it, try and get it to be successful out of the gate and that's pretty cool.