In a recent episode of "The Rank," three of our experts took a closer look at seven stocks that have doubled or more in 2021. And when it came to the topic of which is most likely to produce 10X returns from here, they were unanimous. In this Fool Live video clip, recorded on Oct. 4, you'll hear which stock contributors Matt Frankel, Jason Hall, and Rachel Warren chose and why. 

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Matt Frankel: Out of the seven stocks on the show, which is most likely in your opinion to produce 10X returns over the next decade?

Rachel Warren: Oh my gosh, you're putting me on the spot here.

Frankel: I'll go first.

Jason Hall: Yeah, and then I'll go second. We'll give you some time.

Frankel: Yeah, we'll give you time to think. We'll go first.

Warren: Let me ponder this.

Frankel: It's not my No. 1, I'd have to say the one that's most likely to produce 10X returns, I probably have to go with Asana (ASAN -1.56%). They've a long way to go. I think the way we interact at work and the way we collaborate at work is still in the early stages of being disrupted. I think there's a lot of adjacent products they could add on. I can see them expanding relationships with their current clients. So I'd have to go with that one. I think the one with the most potential is Tellurian (TELL 6.19%).

Hall: The probabilities just aren't the same.

Frankel: Yeah it's just not the same probabilities.

Hall: Yeah. I tend to agree with you Matt. I think Asana as much as lending it's a gigantic market, a huge market. There are tons of entrenched competitors right there that are going to defend their turf. How much can they grow? Whereas Asana is a little bit more in a greenfield. There's big players that are there, too. But I tend to think you're right and I want to say that those three, Asana and Upstart (UPST 0.30%) are the only two that have a founder or a co-founder as CEO and Tellurian has a co-founder as a director. None of the others do.

Warren: Yeah. It's funny because as you were saying, before you said that the first one that came into my head was Asana, too. Not that I'm copying you guys or anything, but I agree. 

Frankel: Not AMC?

Warren: That's a hard path but I'm going to have to. I really think that Asana is a great company. Again, I've talked about this before. When I look at a stock, I try to give it something I've used, just go for perspective of an investor and a consumer, and I've actually used Asana's software. It personally provided a lot of value to me and I think it's really easy and user-friendly and if you're maybe not super tech oriented and I'm not, that it can be really great.

But I think the company is wonderful. I think the fact that the company culture is so highly rated is really something you want to see, especially with such a newer company where it's not uncommon to see so many growing pains, but it's continuing to do well in terms of its company culture.

The fact that it's having these really increasing customer base, that's spending more and more money on its product, jumping off of the customer base that includes some of the biggest companies in the world. I think that that really speaks to its staying power. I think this is definitely a great one to buy and hold for a long time. It's actually one I'm considering for my next round of stock buys.