Most of us at The Motley Fool typically approach our stock investments with the hope that we'll hold onto them forever. However, Disney (DIS -3.43%) is a rare breed of "forever stock." In this Fool Live video clip, contributors Matt Frankel, Jason Hall, and Danny Vena discuss why they think Disney will be a rock-solid investment for decades to come. 

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Danny Vena: Disney is another company requires little introduction. I think the big thing about Disney is the fact that they have probably the largest and most valuable treasure trove of intellectual property in the entertainment world, period. I also think that Disney is the master when it comes to finding ways, not only old ways but new ways to take this intellectual property and derive value from it. Streaming video is only the most recent iteration of that. But it doesn't matter whether it's theme parks or movies or music, or you name it, consumer products. Disney finds ways to eat every single last nickel out of its intellectual property. I think there's a lot of attention being paid to streaming video right now, which I think is probably detracting from the fact that there are so many more ways that Disney can grow.

Jason Hall: Agree 100%.

Vena: Yeah, Disney is one stock that I would put in there and never even look at it again. A fairly solid proportion of my portfolio is in Disney stock. It was, to Matt's point, one of the very first stocks that I bought although at the time it was Marvel. I've owned it since. It was one of the first of the two first stocks that I bought. The other one being Netflix (NFLX -0.72%), so Disney.

Matt Frankel: That's a solid start to our portfolio, Marvel and Netflix. But one thing I would say about Disney and I'll just add this real quick, I can't name a company with better pricing power. Disney could double the price of admission to its theme parks tomorrow and they would still be busy. Disney could double the price of Disney+, and it would lose a very few subscribers just because of that treasure trove intellectual property. No company in the world has as much pricing power over their products as Disney does.

Hall: Yes, I agree 100% there. I also agree, Danny, too much attention is being paid to streaming right now. It's like all of its streaming properties combined are like 15% of Disney's revenues, 15%. There's so much other stuff that's getting stronger. The theme parks, the movie business, it's super powerful.