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Here's How Couples Can Save for 2 Retirements on 1 Income

Even if only one of you is earning a paycheck, there's a way you can save for both of you.

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This Is the Single Most Dangerous Move You Can Make as an Options Trader

Want infinite potential losses in exchange for limited potential profits? Then writing naked calls could be for you.

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Warren Buffett's 5 Best Investing Tips for People Who Don't Follow the Stock Market

The Oracle of Omaha believes you can beat most hedge fund managers, even if you're not a stock market expert.

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This Is Why FIRE Is a Wildly Unrealistic Retirement Strategy for Most People

The early retirees of the FIRE movement tell a tale of extreme frugality. Here's what's missing from the narrative.

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3 Reasons to Invest Now -- and 3 Reasons to Wait

It probably makes sense to get started right now -- unless one of these three scenarios applies.

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Worried About a Stock Market Crash? 5 Steps to Take Right Now

Making these five moves will help you stay calm while everyone else is panicked.

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How Quickly Can You Become a Millionaire by Maxing Out Your IRA?

Getting to millionaire status can happen faster than you think when you max out your IRA contributions every year.

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5 Easily Avoidable Investing Mistakes Beginners Don't Have to Make

Waiting too long, looking to invest on the cheap, and trading too frequently are some common investing mistakes you can easily avoid.

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4 Easy Ways to Go Broke Trading on Robinhood

Robinhood users are notorious for their risky investment moves. Avoid these four things if you don't want to blow your money.

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3 Reasons Social Security Fears Are Overblown

Worried that Social Security is a ticking time bomb? Relax. Here's why it will be around for you, even if you're decades away from retirement.

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4 Reasons Warren Buffett Can't Stomach Bitcoin

Warren Buffett hates everything about the cryptocurrency -- and his distaste tells you a lot about his investment philosophy.

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4 Huge Mistakes Investors Make During Election Years

The outcome of the presidential election matters -- but probably not a whole lot to your investments.

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Here's Exactly When to Apply for Social Security if You Want Benefits for Your 62nd Birthday

Even if you apply as early as possible, don't expect your first payment to arrive the day you turn 62.

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5 Rules for Claiming Social Security on Your Ex-Spouse After Divorce

Could you get more Social Security by using the work record of your ex-spouse? Here are the rules on Social Security and divorce.

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What the Stock Market Did Last Time There Was a Contested Election

Here's what happened to stocks during the 36 days when no one knew whether George Bush or Al Gore would be the next leader of the free world.

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5 Reasons to Ditch Mutual Funds and Buy ETFs Instead

Mutual funds and ETFs both offer instant diversification, but ETFs are the winning choice for several reasons.

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Here's How Much to Invest Each Month if You Want $100K by Age 30

Getting to six figures before your 30th birthday isn't impossible. Here's what you need to do to get there.

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Is This Suze Orman's Most Dangerous Retirement Planning Advice?

The math behind Suze Orman's retirement advice is solid but ignores the uncomfortable realities that many seniors face.

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3 Times Lump-Sum Investing Beats Dollar-Cost Averaging

Sometimes it pays to go against the common wisdom and invest a big sum all at once.

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These Are the Only 2 Ways to Reverse Taking Social Security Too Early

You can temporarily stop your benefits and receive higher payments later, but not everyone will qualify.