Few companies are better positioned than Apple (AAPL 1.67%) to make a big splash in the upcoming metaverse world.

In this video from The Virtual Opportunities Show, broadcast on Nov. 30, Motley Fool contributors Demitri Kalogeropoulos, Asit Sharma, and Rachel Warren discuss why Apple is a compelling potential investment for the space while stressing that many investors likely already have exposure to the tech leader.


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Asit Sharma: Apple was up today. Sometimes, you can win by making sure you've got a little bit of money in these great names. I will make a confession here because it's 6:13 PM. I feel like I'm not going to progress spiritually unless I come clean at some points in my life, but I don't own any Apple's shares currently.

I have in the past, I sold out them years ago and it's been this slow motion, just watching it like one day, I'll buy Apple. It's going to slow down and everybody, their performance will slow.

But I think they are one of what I call compounders versus catalysts . We talked about this last week. I think Apple is a bona fide compounder and they may be persuasive in this space in the coming years because I think pound for pound, they can match Meta aka Facebook or Microsoft in terms of any kind of development if they chose to do that. Enough of that confession, but real quick, do you guys own Apple?

Rachel Warren: I do. I actually got a notification today through Robinhood, which is the platform I use, but I think it hit a 52-week high today, if I'm not mistaken. It was a good day for Apple. [laughs]

Sharma: I'm wondering why I don't own it. Rachel is getting notifications. Hey, your Apple stock is up. All-time high. [laughs]

Warren: I was happy. All my other stocks were down, so it was a nice little note of joy there. [laughs]

Sharma: There you go. Demitri, I'm not going to guess, I'm not going to guess, do you own Apple stock?

Demitri Kalogeropoulos: I do own Apple, yeah. I'm lucky enough to own it for a long time. I bought it right around the launch of the iPad.

Rachel Warren: Oh, wow. [laughs]

Demitri Kalogeropoulos: I didn't have a lot, but it's turned into a lot over that time. Just to dovetail into that index fund question, because popular question is, should I buy Apple now? I'd like to tell people, you probably own a lot of them if you own the stock, if you own the stock market, if you own index funds or almost any tech flavored ETF or funds. It's one of those stocks that can be easy to overextend on it. You probably own a lot of it because it's one of the biggest holdings in every index fund.

Asit Sharma: That's awesome. You're like the priest who says, "Don't worry my child, it's all good." [laughs] It got to do better in the future. I probably own some Apple because I think I've got one or two. [laughs] Thank you for that.

Rachel Warren: That counts. [laughs]