With more and more things being electrified around us, it's a great time to invest in this general space. In this video clip from "The High Energy Show" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on April 5, Fool.com contributors Travis Hoium, Jason Hall, Tyler Crowe, and Lou Whiteman share their stocks to watch in the Energy, Materials, and Utilities sector. 

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Travis Hoium: Bloom Energy (BE -5.62%) is the one that I'm watching. I think it's the one that I write about the most in this space. If we're going to answer a lot of these questions, hydrogen is going to be a part of that solution.

That's the company if they can figure it out if they can scale if they can start to make money, that brings a whole new suite of solutions to solar, wind, aviation, all kinds of different things. That's the stock that I'm looking at and we'll be watching closely. I've got a small investment in it and it's a moonshot but I know the risks involved. Jason, do you want to go?

Jason Hall: I think sometimes we get so caught up in trying to find the next big thing, the little tiny hidden company that's only worth $100 million dollars, that's going to be 100 bagger, and we walk right past incredible companies that can beat the market over the long term.

I think one that's interesting, that's a good mix of the two, is Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (AY -5.15%), ticker is A-Y, pays a dividend yield of almost 5%, and has a long track record of growing that dividend. It's a small renewable energy independent producer. Wind and solar produces the power, sells it to utilities. As they need to grow their production, companies like Atlantica are positioned to do that.

It's one of the smaller ones. Algonquin Power (AQN -3.10%), a Canadian utility, is its sponsor, so it has a really good sponsor, a high-quality company that's helping with development and finding opportunities. I think it's going to beat the market by a long shot and you don't have to work near as hard to find the company that's going to figure out solid-state batteries or lithium recycling in 10 years.

Hoium: Broadly to that point, that answers the question of, how are you going to finance this stuff?

Hall: Right.

Hoium: That's the financing play. Tyler, do you want to go next?

Tyler Crowe: I mentioned them already. Like I said, I'm intensely interested in the materials commodity cycle and I think that the 2020s is going to be a big upswing for the commodities, especially the ones that we were just talking about. Two I mentioned already, Teck Resources (TECK -1.38%) and Albemarle (ALB -5.93%), two that I am particularly fond of. Admittedly, I need to start doing way more homework on this because I think there should be more opportunities to look into.

Hoium: Lou.

Lou Whiteman: With the caveat, this should be a small part of a well-diversified portfolio and certainly not bet the mortgage. Who doesn't like flying cars? As we said, I do think there is room for electrification in regional aviation and I do think Joby (JOBY -4.35%) is a better bet than most of these, J-O-B-Y. I have a fun little position that I hope it turns into something I get to ride on. Don't bet the mortgage on this, but yeah, why not electric flying cars?