The opportunities for Disney (DIS -0.03%) in gaming seem to hold a lot of potential, considering the company's extensive intellectual property and popular content library. In this Motley Fool Live segment from "The Gaming Show," recorded on April 25, contributors Jon Quast, Jose Najarro, and Ryan Henderson discuss the future of gaming for the House of Mouse. 

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Jon Quast: One of the things I was thinking about just now, maybe I shouldn't even say it, but you know, the king of tie in is Marvel, in my opinion. So you have all of these TV series long before Disney+, long before Disney+, you have the movie cannon. But then you also had coming out on ABC Agents of Shield, which was part of the whole movie cannon storyline and they tied in. I mean, there was stuff that you might not understand in the movie unless you had watched all the shows and vice versa. So could we see Disney kind of go this strategy eventually with video games and even make some video game content cannon in the movie series. What do you think?

Ryan Henderson: I think, I think they have tried, if I'm not mistaken, I think they tried to build video games themselves and they called it quits. So I think building AAA games, I think is a totally different monster than building mobile. The barriers to entry. The mobile games, the barriers to entry to develop are very low, The barriers to entry for success are very high, and only a smaller percentage of the mobile games have success. But I would almost just like to see Disney acquire their way in, just buy a big publisher especially now that you can just piggyback off Microsoft's deal. It feels like a perfect time to do it.

Jose Najarro: I agree. I think, Disney, their IP is everything they have is pretty is super strong. So for them, I think they should really really focus in that kind of like AAA game mentality which were there kind of doing. I wish they would double down because I I just want more Star Wars game, if I may be honest, the more Star Wars games there are out there, the happier I'll be.

Jon Quast: For non gamers real quick. What what does AAA game mean? Go ahead.

Ryan Henderson: The way I understand it is it's big budget console games and those are much more difficult to develop than mobile based games.

Jose Najarro: Actually, you can see, you can tell a AAA game from kind of the graphics that they have, the more realistic. If a game makes you go wow, I can't believe that's a game, it's most likely a AAA game. Like Brian mentioned, you're probably spending tons of money probably sometimes the amount that you're spending on some big movies to kind of develop. that overall game play.