Made famous by her love of innovation, Cathie Wood's Ark Invest is naturally a fan of Bitcoin (BTC -5.44%). Every month a team of Ark analysts explore statistics on the Bitcoin blockchain and other economic trends in an effort to gauge Bitcoin's overall position in the market and where it might be headed. 

This month's report looked back on February. It was full of valuable information for investors and highlighted why Bitcoin will likely remain at the top of the cryptocurrency asset class for years to come. 

Bitcoin gets a new feature

Despite retreating more than 14% at the beginning of March, likely due to uncertainty in the crypto landscape as talks of regulation heated up and more crypto-related businesses went bankrupt, Bitcoin has actually had a great start to 2023. Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin is up nearly 50% and looks to be the most resilient as it is one of the most resistant and resilient to regulation. This comes from a combination of its vast decentralization and high levels of security. 

After a successful January, its price climbed further in February thanks to a new technology called Ordinals, which was introduced to make the Bitcoin blockchain non-fungible token (NFT) compatible. Before Ordinals, only blockchains with smart contracts could host NFTs. 

With the introduction of Ordinals, the average block size of Bitcoin hit a new all-time high. Ark analysts believe this is a bullish sign as they view the limited space in each block as being similar to real estate. The less block size available, the more valuable the space becomes as demand increases. 

Although still in their infancy, Ordinals could prove to add even more pressure to block space demand. While the launch of Ordinals and a stellar February were a bit of good news for Bitcoin, it seemed to be short-lived. 

Headwinds could be forming

While there is reason to be optimistic about Bitcoin's future, Ark believes there are two unknown factors that could dampen growth -- looming regulation and an uncertain macroenvironment. 

As a result of multiple catastrophes in 2022, politicians and legislators seem to be turning up the heat in the regulatory environment. Just three months into the year, there have been multiple examples of fines and penalties being levied against crypto-related businesses by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). 

This is likely due to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's beliefs that a majority of cryptocurrencies are actually securities and therefore fall within reach of the commission's jurisdiction. 

To start off 2023, the SEC has already announced a settlement with the cryptocurrency exchange platform Kraken to suspend its staking product. The agency also sent a warning to the stablecoin issuer Paxos, which stated that its products also met the criteria of a security and to cease its offering. 

Ark believes that these efforts by the SEC and other government agencies will only pick up in 2023 and could prove to be detrimental for the majority of cryptocurrencies. 

However, it also believes that Bitcoin is different from other cryptocurrencies due to its high levels of decentralization. This opinion has been reaffirmed as chairman Gensler is on record saying multiple times that he considers Bitcoin a commodity and, therefore, outside of his commission's control.

Adding to potential regulation, Ark views the current macroeconomic environment as being less than ideal for more-risky assets like Bitcoin to grow. Analysts pointed to a handful of metrics like the monetary velocity, trends in consumer spending, and patterns in the 10-year Treasury yield as a reason to believe that not only will riskier assets continue to struggle but that a recession might even be looming. 

While it remains unknown as to whether our worst fears come to be, Ark analysts painted a clear picture that in the current economic and regulatory landscape, Bitcoin is the safest option for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency. It reiterated this stance with a variety of supporting statistics, such as mining difficulty and the long-term holder supply, which show that even in the depths of a bear market, Bitcoin's blockchain is still relatively healthy. 

As the future remains unclear, Bitcoin offers crypto investors a refreshing sense of hope that no matter what happens, it can still continue on its path of price appreciation.