Raise your hand if you think Mellon Financial (NYSE:MEL) is a bank. If you raised your hand, you're wrong. But don't feel bad -- that seems to be a common misconception. What Mellon actually does is a little further below many investors' radar -- asset management, trust and custody services, and treasury services are the name of the game here.

Fourth-quarter results were solid, albeit not spectacular. Income from continuing operations was up a not-so-whopping 4.5%, while fee-based and other non-interest revenue climbed 13%. Net interest revenue rose about 4% on a fully taxed equivalent basis but constitutes a much smaller part of the top-line figure -- $126 million versus $1.1 billion in non-interest revenue.

Fee revenue from asset management rose about 15% with the large mutual fund business, showing 10% growth and the institutional client business growing about 17%. Along the way, assets under management rose 11% to $781 billion. On the trust and custody side, fee revenue was up 31%, while assets under administration rose 21% to $3.91 trillion (yes, that's trillion).

By most standards, this is a solid business. The company sports a return on equity of about 20% and is one of the largest institutional money managers behind the likes of State Street (NYSE:STT) and Barclays (NYSE:BCS). It's also a big player in custody services, though not quite as large as the likes of State Street, Citigroup (NYSE:C), Motley Fool Income Investor pick JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM), or Bank of New York (NYSE:BK). Likewise, it's not as big in private wealth management as Citigroup or Merrill Lynch (NYSE:MER), though it still has a sizable franchise.

Asset management and custodial services are very different businesses, and that can make valuation a little more challenging if you're a fan of relative or comparative valuation. It has also led to calls for the company to split the business -- something management has thus far rejected. In any case, while I like the unsexy yet lucrative markets that Mellon serves, I just don't see the stock as a compelling bargain today.

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