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Stephen D. Simpson

Stephen D. Simpson


I'm an ex-Wall Street sell-side and buy-side analyst who has spent most of the last 10 years writing on a wide range of industries and investment ideas.

Recent articles


Will This Franchise Lead Celgene To Over $20 Billion in Revenue?

Building on the success of Revlimid, Celgene is targeting new hematological oncology markets that could double its revenue in a decade or less.

Celgene Boldly Targeting $6 Billion (or More) in New Business

Reinvesting the proceeds from a blockbuster cancer franchise into new drugs for autoimmune diseases may open the door to billions in future revenue for this leading biotech.

3M Delivers Again, but Mind the Multiple

Good organic growth and margin expansion support 3M as a leader in the industrial space, but valuations are getting steep.

EMC Corporation Is Gaining Share, But Facing a Fight to Keep Its Business Model Intact

EMC appears to be taking share in a still-weak storage market, but management may have to fight to keep its vision of the company intact.

Weatherford International Rebuilding Trust, but Needs to Rebuild the Business

Weatherford continues to deliver asset sales and margin improvements, but a lot of work still lies ahead

Boston Scientific Stock Down Slightly on Earnings

Boston Scientific reported surprising growth from supposedly low-growth segments, but the way forward is still hazy

Keep Calm and Carry On, Roche Stock

Roche continues to build upon the strongest oncology franchise in Big Pharma but could still use some non-oncology hits

With Baseband Finished, Higher-Margin Broadcom Looks for New Drivers

Exiting baseband provides an immediate boost to margins, but finding new sources of revenue growth is vital for a better multiple.

Why the Market Is Wrong About Intuitive Surgical Stock

Good system sales and procedure volume growth are helpful but not entirely convincing

Is Alkermes plc Stock Undervalued?

Strong science and underserved markets can fuel further gains from this delivery-focused biopharma

Allergan Stock Earnings: Good Enough to Fight off Valeant?

Allergan's strong second quarter earnings may help its takeover defense; a defense that is starting to aggravate Valeant

Why Google Could Transform How We See

Novartis and Google decide to work together on sci-fi eyes.

Heavy Static At Danaher Corporation

Weak results in test & measurement and frustration over a lack of big M&A weighs on the shares

AbbVie Inc. Wins the Shire

AbbVie comes to terms for a deal that will significant reduce its tax bill and add some valuable diversification

Stryker Corporation Stock Coming Through With Growth

Even with pricing worries and weak spine results, Stryker is among the fastest-growing large med-techs

Why the Market is Wrong About Baxter Stock

Baxter beat the skeptics this time, and still has a solid long-term outlook

Forget Earnings: Catalysts Incoming for Novartis Stock

Novartis's second quarter earnings were ho-hum, but that's not why investors are bullish about the shares

JPMorgan Chase & Co's Broad-Based Beat Restores Some Confidence

Good revenue growth, particularly in core loans, helped fuel an across-the-board beat for this giant bank

St. Jude Medical, Inc. Still Feeling the Love

St. Jude Medical's momentum in CRM is proving more resilient than the skeptics would believe

Abbott Labs Stock Earnings: Why Steady Isn't Enough

Abbott did well on expenses, but driving better revenue growth needs to be the priority soon