Classic holiday flicks are all about redemption. Ebenezer Scrooge embraces society. George Bailey realizes that he matters. Ralphie Parker gets his Red Ryder BB gun. The season brings joy to many, and video stores are hoping for their share this yuletide season.

Last night Hollywood Entertainment (NASDAQ:HLYW) posted lower earnings on flat movie rentals. Market leader Blockbuster (NYSE:BBI) reports its third-quarter results later this month amid rumors that Viacom's (NYSE:VIA) Sumner Redstone is looking for a company to buy its stake in the chain.

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), meanwhile, has nearly doubled since being singled out by David Gardner back in June in Motley Fool Stock Advisor. But the company's growing ways in a stagnant sector have more to do with its model than industry health.

That's why they're all joining Alvin & The Chipmunks in a hearty rendition of Christmas Don't Be Late. Why? Well, major movie studios are putting up their heavy hitters -- 14 movies that each rocked the stateside box office for at least $100 million in ticket sales will be hitting the home video and DVD market this quarter.

The studios feel the need for distribution speed. Disney (NYSE:DIS) is rushing its summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean to an early December release just as the year's top-grossing movie -- Pixar's (NASDAQ:PIXR) Finding Nemo -- hits store shelves in three weeks.

See why retailers and rental companies are looking to fill their stockings with green this season? It's how it should be. All the classic holiday flicks have happy endings.

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