While many retail observers bemoaned the cautious outlook uttered by bellwether Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) last week, the news isn't all bad. Recent results from home-improvement giant Lowe's (NYSE:LOW), for example, have encouraged. Today, we can add another to the mix: Dick's Sporting Goods (NYSE:DKS), which continues to grow and perform operationally.

First off, we'll thank Dick's for giving us a complete press release, including balance sheet and cash flow statements. (If your company doesn't do this, ask them why -- and then reject their explanation and demand one!)

The numbers actually on those statements (for the fiscal third quarter ended Nov. 1) looked pretty good, too: The main concern might be slowing same-store sales growth, perhaps troubling for a growing company but also understandable in a broadly difficult retail environment and a competitive marketplace .

The numbers on Dick's income statement, including sales and net profit growth, befit a growing company that's expanding aggressively. Dick's opened 11 stores during the quarter, bringing its total to 162. The locations of those stores illustrate the company's big-time aims -- they included Rhode Island, North Carolina, and a handful of stores across Fool HQ's home base of Virginia.

So, too, do the balance sheet and cash flow statement, where inventories continue to rise and capital expenses are substantial. With Dick's still building out its store presence at a good clip, this isn't likely to change soon.

But as long as the company can continue growing sales and earnings, improving margins and same-store sales, impressing customers with service and selection, and raising earnings guidance -- all of which it did today -- it will almost surely continue impressing investors as well.

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