I remember my first Krispy Kreme (NYSE:KKD) doughtnut like it was yesterday. It came halfway through the "Elvis Death Hash," a four-mile summer running event in Raleigh, N.C. I was decked out in a full-length polyester "Vegas Elvis" jumpsuit, sweating like the King himself from under my ducktail wig. Those three doughnuts -- plus a warm brew -- gave me all the energy I needed to continue.

That little trip down memory lane has a point: It illustrates the grip that Krispy Kreme has on our collective unconscious. A brand that lives inside our memories, like that first furtive teenage smooch, is a brand that can claim some serious goodwill. How many of you remember your first Dunkin' Donut -- owned by Allied Domecq (NYSE:AED)? Didn't think so.

Today's fourth-quarter and year-end numbers show a company that continues to roll its brand into a food-service juggernaut. Fourth-quarter earnings per share jumped 37% (before an arbitration award) to $0.26 a stub. Revenues for the quarter climbed 36% to $185 million, with systemwide comps up 9%. Things were just as sweet for the full year. Revenues were up 35%, comps up 10%, and earning rose 38% to $0.91 per share (again, before the special credit).

This morning, Wall Street's response was to dump 5% off the stock, with the old excuse, "Good news already priced in, so lack of blowout means sell." Sure, Krispy Kreme's not cheap, but despite a few short drops, Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) has looked pricey for years, and it just keeps outperforming.

Many Fools are sold on this company. Rick Munarriz has a penchant for Krispy Kreme's stock as well as its products, and the firm is one of David Gardner's Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendations. Given Krispy Kreme's strong record of growth, its international opportunities, and the stock's recent haircut, I'm thinking of joining the fan club myself.

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Hasher and Fool contributor Seth Jayson is pretty sure he'll have to do a down-down for calling the Elvis Death Hash a "run." He humbly accepts the punishment, and owns no stake in any companies mentioned above. View his Fool profile here.