What's wrong with today's entitled offspring? They were born with an entire sterling silver place setting in their mouths, yet they insist on acting, well, normal.

There's Dylan Lauren, the decked-out daughter of fashion billionaire Ralph Lauren, who has a small chain of candy stores she co-founded and runs in three states.

Luxury goods guru Bernauld Arnault's daughter Delphine sits on the board of her daddy's company, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (OTC BB: LVMHF).

Pansy Ho is a chip off the old casino tycoon block. She just struck a deal -- to open a Macau casino with MGM Mirage (NYSE:MGM) -- that would make dad Stanley proud.

And what did Elisabeth Murdoch do after quitting pop's News Corp. (NYSE:NWS)? She up and started her own production company.

These working girls are on the Forbes billionaire watch list, and they'll probably inherit their way onto the real deal in coming years. The 2005 billionaires list included 68 women -- both self-made (like Martha Stewart and Meg Whitman) and lineage-blessed (Helen and Alice Walton of the Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) fortune, for example).

Sure, being on the board of an international conglomerate or starting your own casino aren't opportunities most of us riffraff see during our lifetimes. But c'mon . all this grown-up behavior is hardly conduct becoming of a billionheiress.

Where are the inappropriate boyfriends plagued by paparazzi? What about a reality show where Mom or Dad get in on the act? Why aren't you showing off your fly crib on MTV? You mean to tell me that you've never misplaced your T-Mobile Sidekick and had the contents whisked around the Internet? Is there not even one lousy parking ticket for TheSmokingGun.com to highlight?

At least your dads make the headlines occasionally.

All in the family.

Dayana Yochim will dump her parents in a heartbeat should any of the aforementioned billionaires like to adopt her. She owns no shares of any of the companies mentioned. Or even one designer handbag. The Fool's disclosure policy is the real deal.