Take-Two Interactive's (NASDAQ:TTWO) Grand Theft Auto video game reeks of controversy. In fact, the company's stock took a beating when Grand Theft Auto got slapped with an "Adults Only" restriction after customers learned to unlock raunchy hidden scenes.

But Take-Two is set to move ahead and leave that episode in the past. On Oct. 18, it will release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition, rated M for "Mature," for Sony's (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 2 -- with a couple of extras. Not that kind of extra, though. One of the bonuses is a prefatory piece that covers the goings-on before the story arc of the game begins. (Previous prefaces had been released on a CD soundtrack relating to the game). The other is a documentary called Sunday Driver, which will also be released for Sony's PlayStation Portable in that device's proprietary UMD format. This piece, centering on a low-rider car club from California called The Majestics, aims to take the "Rockstar brand into film." Rockstar Games is the Take-Two label that gives us the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Shareholders were not happy with Take-Two's blunder on the latest Grand Theft Auto game. Yet as Nathan Alderman pointed out, you have to consider the publicity angle of the whole debacle. Not only does labeling something as taboo automatically cause kids to want something even more than before (or even want something they never wanted in the first place), but it also advertises the brand to a clientele that might not even have heard of it otherwise. I'm sure there will be a lot of adults new to the edgy universe of Grand Theft Auto come Oct. 18.

And that should help Take-Two breathe new life into San Andreas and sell lots of units. The holiday season is going to be competitive and challenging for software companies, especially since it will segue into the next console cycle with the dawn of the new Xbox. Take-Two is probably looking forward to having its ace in the hole fresh off the summer hype and ready for Christmas.

So, with the special edition of San Andreas set to hit stores in a few weeks, Take-Two stock might see a recovery. I prefer other stocks in this area, like Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendations Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) and Activision (NYSE:ATVI), which seem to manage a perennially solid pipeline. Nevertheless, Take-Two will always be a player in this sector thanks to its enduring Grand Theft Auto series.

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