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Steven Mallas

Steven Mallas


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Has Jigsaw Gone to Pieces?

"Saw IV" was a Halloween hit -- but has the series lost its edge?

Rubbermaid's Having a Party of Its Own

Move over, Tupperware: Newell Rubbermaid's latest quarter is no artificial piece of plastic.

Is Monster Still Scary?

Monster's had some problems this year, but should you buy the stock?

Is THQ Still Juicy?

I don't like THQ's guidance, but I still like THQ.

Hershey's Bitter Q3

No one will savor this earnings report.

Tyler Perry: Lions Gate's Best Man

Tyler Perry scores again -- but does the Lion need more franchises?

Losing Trust in Hershey?

The Hershey Trust is leaning on the board to get the chocolatier back on track.

NBC Takes a Breath of Fresh Air

Should NBC have bought the Oxygen channel?

WWE Wrestles With Hollywood

WWE Films has a new leader, but is that enough to fix things?

Quick Take: Fight the Pirates!

Media companies must fight piracy, for shareholders' benefit.

Midway: Cheap for a Reason

It's getting ugly at Midway.

Pepsi Bottling Group's Quenching Results

Pepsi Bottling Group cans a good quarter.

Disney and The Rock: A Great Tag Team

Disney and "The Rock" enter the box-office ring -- and win.

Rocky Mountain's Decadent Quarter

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is getting even sweeter.

Fool on the Street: Moonves Sees CBS as Content King

Moonves believes that CBS can successfully monetize its content in a digital age.

"CW Now": Content or Commercial?

One of The CW's new shows will make it harder to skip the commercials.

You Know the PS3 Plays Blu-ray, Right?

Sony's trying to encourage sales. But do consumers care about video?

Fool on the Street: Drawn to DreamWorks Animation

Jeffrey Katzenberg believes in his company's franchises -- and the HD-DVD format.

A Big Booyah! From AOL

AOL will be getting a dose of Cramerica.

Will SpiralFrog Give Pirates the Slip?

Let's see if digital pirates are willing to watch ads to get music.