TV streams and M.D. dreams were passing ships that were fit to be featured this past week. Let's take a closer look.

I'll probably start offering video downloads, too
It was a busy week for video download sales. First, it was Disney (NYSE:DIS) announcing that it was opening its massive ABC and ESPN vault a little wider to pour goods into the Apple Computer (NASDAQ:AAPL) iTunes store.

Then it was Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), supposedly getting into the video-download-selling market by partnering with CBS (NYSE:CBS) to peddle some of the network's shows.

It all seems like perfect timing, too. I mean, think about it. As soon as Disney and Apple announce that they will be selling condensed versions of the college football bowl games that aired on ABC last week, Penn State and Florida State stage a triple-overtime thriller in the Orange Bowl, followed by a classic as Texas beat USC for all the marbles in the Rose Bowl.

Should the NCAA investigate Steve Jobs and Bob Iger fixing college football games? Was that a Mac chip powering Vince Young's magic? Will I really pay Google for old episodes of Murder, She Wrote?

With the Consumer Electronics Show in full swing, there has been more buzz than a honey-dipped beehive about the notion that video downloads are finally moving into the mainstream. Ever since Apple started selling certain ABC shows for $1.99 a pop, it's an avalanche waiting to happen.

Bundle up. The avalanche is rolling just outside your door.

Oh, if only Sam Walton were alive today
Even though Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) has often gotten a bum rap for its employee health coverage policies, the company is looking to redefine health care by offering discounted plans to corporate shoppers at its Sam's Club chain of warehouse clubs.

The health insurance policies were rolled out Wednesday, offering some pretty nifty features -- including the portability that allows an individual to own the policy even if she changes jobs or is laid off.

That reminds me: Those Wal-Mart greeters sure do a whole lot of smiling. Do they get dental coverage?

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