Days after Motley Fool Stock Advisor's Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) came through with healthy growth spurts of 38% and 14% in profits and sales, respectively, rival Circuit City (NYSE:CC) steps up to the earnings podium. A couple of years ago, holding out for a strong quarter out of Circuit City would have been something to snicker at. Not these days. The consumer-electronics retailer has bounced back, shaking off buyout offers and growing nicely along the way.

Analysts expect Circuit City to post a profit of only a penny per share in this seasonally soft period, but that would reverse a loss from a year earlier. It would also be the first time that it closes out a fiscal first quarter in the black since 2002. Further fueling the excitement here is that Circuit City has trounced Wall Street forecasts for three consecutive quarters. So tune in. Really.

One of the more explosive growth stocks over the past decade, Apollo Group (NASDAQ:APOL) has also been a 25-bagger over the past 11 years. Aside from retooling our workforce in its role as a post-secondary educator -- both online and offline -- the company captured the imagination of what the future of education could be.

Are investors about to get schooled, too? The company is coming off a flat quarter, and analysts expect earnings to dip slightly here in its latest period. Any deviation from the norm should send the stock moving one way or the other. Head of the class? Dunce cap? Tuesday will tell.


The name Darden Restaurants (NYSE:DRI) may not ring a bell, but its concepts -- Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Bahama Breeze among them -- may ring a dinner bell or two. Like most casual-dining chains, Darden has had its ups and downs. From the low-carb craze that kept patrons off the high-margin pasta dishes at Olive Garden to the all-you-can-eat promotions at Red Lobster, where hungry diners ate into the seafood eatery's margins, Darden's results are never as predictable as one would expect from a perpetually popular restaurateur. Let's see what its midweek quarterly report serves up.

The Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) speaks on Thursday. The software giant that fuels database programs and other enterprise applications is expected to post a record quarter of profitability, earning $0.27 a share as it wraps up its fiscal year.

The company has been acquisitive in the past, so let's see whether it stops to buy a smaller company or two as an appetizer on the way to Thursday's stage.

We close out the trading week with another quiet Friday. If you're hankering for an earnings report, check out Logility (NASDAQ:LGTY). The company behind the Voyager software that helps corporations keep their supply chains in check hasn't been a burner in terms of heady growth, but it has been consistently profitable. And that's saying something for a stock priced in the single digits.

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