Uniform-rental firm Cintas (NASDAQ:CTAS) just reported another quarter of strong sales and earnings growth, continuing a nearly 40-year trend. Here's why the stock should be on any Fool's watch list.

For the quarter, Cintas continued strong top-line growth with an 11% increase in sales, while net income grew 8.3%. Diluted earnings per share grew a more rapid 15.2% as the company repurchased about eight million shares. Management also offered fiscal 2007 guidance, with projected revenue of $3.77 billion to $3.85 billion and earnings of $2.10 to $2.20 per share.

If growth comes in as expected, 2007 will represent Cintas's 38th straight year of sales and earnings growth. In my last earnings review of the company, I noted that the current P/E of about 20 is not a bargain-basement multiple. But because of Cintas' steady, dependable track record of sales, earnings, and cash flow growth, the stock is rarely a steal, and it's now trading near its lowest multiple in the past five years.

Based on management projections, the forward P/E of 19 is down significantly -- it was more than 40 in 1999, and it's fallen steadily each year since. Additionally, the stock has yet to recover from its 2002 high of $55, even though earnings are up nearly 60% since then.

In other words, now may not be a bad time for some further tire-kicking regarding the opportunity to own one of the market's more consistently growing companies. First, check out the competitive landscape, which includes Aramark (NYSE:RMK), G&K Services (NASDAQ:GKSR), Angelica (NYSE:AGL), and Unifirst (NYSE:UNF). You'll quickly find out that Cintas has better numbers on most operational and historical growth metrics.

Although the past is no guarantee of future success, analysts covering the stock still have a rosy outlook, with 15% projected annual earnings gains. If Cintas can grow at that rate for the next five to 10 years, shareholders will be duly rewarded.

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