Sure, phrases like "social media" and "network effect" are overused. But when News Corp.'s (NYSE:NWS) Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace for $580 million last year, he got the same skepticism. "How can you monetize this?" people wondered. "Has he lost his mind?"

But now Google is willing to commit at least $900 million to MySpace and other News Corp.-owned sites to provide their search and advertising technology. To me, this is strong evidence of the monetization power of social media.

Yet Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) has not had to write big checks to succeed in social media. Its acquisitions -- such as for Flickr -- came with small price tags. According to Yahoo!, Flickr's cost was an immaterial amount. And as I mentioned before, Yahoo! has been able to organically create social-media megaproperties, such as Yahoo! Answers.

I also agree with Chuck on the perils of diworsification -- as does Yahoo!'s CEO, Terry Semel. On the third-quarter conference call, Semel said there were "too many priorities" when he came on board with the company in 2001, so he brought some much-needed focus. But Semel now admits that Yahoo! has indeed become unfocused again. As a result, he now plans to concentrate on three key areas: monetizing search, building Yahoo!'s lead in graphical advertising, and moving aggressively into social media, both in video and mobile forms.

Yes, Yahoo! has things to fix. But it's a lot easier to make those repairs when the market is growing quickly and there's a talented workforce, a powerful brand, and an enormous user base. In other words, Yahoo! presents investors with a big opportunity.

Duel on!

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