As you've browsed our recent articles, have you ever wondered which ones have grabbed the most readers' attention? So have I -- so I did a little digging. Here's a list of 10 of our most-read recent articles. (Alas, my "The Poetry of Investing" article didn't make the cut.)

Check out some of these articles for suggested stocks to possibly buy or sell. Your portfolio may thank you for it later. Better still, these articles will likely teach you a thing or two about investing.

"And the Worst Stock for 2007 Is..." by Todd Wenning
In this article, Todd reviews a little contest we held among our writers to choose the stocks we thought would stink in the coming year. The many candidates included such unsurprising names as (NASDAQ:OSTK) and General Motors (NYSE:GM). But the winner sure surprised me: Google!

"The Market's 10 Best Funds" by Tim Hanson and Brian Richards
What you see is what you get in this article -- 10 top-performing funds over the past decade. Tim and Brian also discuss some features of top funds, and how you can find some on your own.

"This is the Year for These Stocks" by Tim Hanson
Here Tim explains why we usually don't have much of an edge with the companies we know the best. He then points us to the kinds of companies that have typically grown the fastest, generating the biggest returns.

"Stocks That Pay You Back" by Todd Wenning
Todd drives home the power of dividends with an eye-popping example. If you'd bought $10,000 worth of stock in Altria (NYSE:MO) in 1970, you'd have received $276 in dividends on it that year. Flash forward to today; if you still held the shares, you'd be receiving more than $90,000 in dividends alone! Dividends can give you a very comfy retirement. Click in and learn more.

"So Which Stocks Should I Buy Now?" By Tim Hanson
Tim exposes some of the problems with the financial media, then offers three simple keys to being a great investor. He notes: "The stocks you should buy now aren't large caps or small caps or mid-cap precious metals plays. They're the best companies you can find at the best prices." Click in to learn what to look for in great companies.

"Good Stocks to Buy Now" by Tim Hanson
This article lists some of America's best dividend payers. Since 1957, for example, both Kroger (NYSE:KR) and Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) have hiked their dividends by an average of 14% annually. See what other companies have been making investors rich with dividends.

"The Warren Buffett Mutual Fund" by Shannon Zimmerman
Shannon points out that with shares of the superinvestor's company, Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-B), going for more than $3,500 apiece (and more than $100,000 for the Class A shares), it's hard for some people to establish a position in it. He has a bit of a workaround, though: "The good news is that you can get access to Buffett and his portfolio of subsidiaries and equity holdings for smaller sums. How so? Via mutual funds that hold Berkshire shares in their portfolios." Click in for some examples.

"Today's Strong Buys" by Bill Barker
Bill explores how useful it is to look for companies such as Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) that have been rated many times as "strong buys." He then offers a better way to think about investment candidates, and points us to some intriguing companies.

"The Lure of Great Wealth" by Bill Barker
Bill says: "I don't know what constitutes great wealth in the minds of most people, but I guess eight figures -- $10 million -- would qualify for some. How do you get there with a savings and investing plan, and with the job you love, from a standing start of $0?" Click in to see what approach he recommends.

"Seek (and Find!) Your Fortune Abroad" by Selena Maranjian
In this article, I point out how much wealth-generation capability lies outside our borders. For example, the city that sports the most headquarters of Fortune Global 500 companies might not be the one you expected. I offer some top global companies, along with some international mutual funds with strong track records.

In sum
These are just a few of our most popular articles. If you'd like to review even more articles, bookmark this page.

Here's to a happier portfolio! (And hey -- consider forwarding this article to anyone whose financial future you care about. Just click on the "Email this Page" link near the top or bottom of the page.)

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