I'm going to confess right up front to a fair degree of ignorance about Liz Claiborne (NYSE:LIZ). I don't follow every retail stock out there, and I don't know this one well. But when I see it get hammered by more than 20% over a couple of days, all for a crummy earnings report and a subsequent credit downgrade, my inner greed tells me to take a look.

There's a lot not to like at Liz, starting with its $0.16 per share in Q1 2007 earnings, compared to $0.45 a share for the prior year. (Pardon me -- $0.22 in "adjusted" EPS for the current-year quarter, versus $0.60 in 2006.)

Analysts were amazed that Liz had whiffed like this, since they'd hoped to see another $0.60-a-share showing. UBS downgraded the stock in a pretty humorous, humorously late, and possibly 180-degree wrong decision, further described by our friends at Marketwatch.

UBS points out that while Liz's products are selling, discounting is rampant. (Coincidentally, my wife came home with a very nice Claiborne purse last night, which she got for next to nothing at a discounter. Good for us. Bad for shareholders.) UBS points out that management will have to cut the fat and shake things up.

Well, duh!

From where I sit, those are reasons to consider buying a stock, not selling -- at least, now that a lot of the damage to the share price is already done.

Liz has a lot of work to do. Free cash flow has dwindled, even as the top line has grown, much of it because of a fattening SG&A line. Moreover, this space is full of tough competition, from Ann Taylor (NYSE:ANN) to Jones Apparel Group (NYSE:JNY), Coldwater Creek (NASDAQ:CWTR), and Hidden Gems laggard New York & Co. (NYSE:NWY).

However, as bad as things look, retail isn't rocket science. Nor is it pharmaceuticals, which makes me wonder whether an ex drug-industry dude, CEO William McComb, is the right man for the top job at Liz. Did people learn nothing from Paul Pressler's terrible tenure at Gap (NYSE:GPS)?

With the right management decisions -- or maybe some kind of action that throws the bums out and replaces the organization with a new, focused slate of retail veterans -- I think Liz Claiborne could pay off very well for investors. Whether or not it happens, well, that's the million-dollar question. Only those with the guts to take the risk on the buy side will be able to celebrate if things to turn for the better.

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