Ogres, spiders, and chairs, oh my
The summer movie season started off with a bang -- or a sticky web -- when Spider-Man came through with record-breaking box office receipts. Spider-Man 3 was a winner for both the Sony (NYSE:SNE) movie studio that put it out and creator Marvel (NYSE:MVL).

The stakes are high now, especially for other highly anticipated sequels in the Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter franchises. This should be the best summer at the local multiplex in years.

So tell me why AMC Theaters shelved its IPO again? The country's second largest chain, behind Regal (NYSE:RGC), called off its ticker tape parade just as crowds were rediscovering the joys of $4 sodas and sticky theaters ("Look ma, Spidey's web has my Heelys stuck to the floor!").

A lot is riding on this season. Theaters are turning to stadium seating and digital projectors to enhance the movie watching experience while also providing the flexibility to expand offerings.

"With great power comes great responsibility," Spidey says. "With great power comes great opportunity," the multiplex counters.

A Mickey Mouse six-pack
Disney (NYSE:DIS) is the stock that I have owned for the longest time. They say you should never marry a stock, but I can't help it. It was nearly 20 years ago that my girlfriend gave it to me as a birthday present. I had little choice but to marry her after that. I couldn't divorce the stock, even though I have pondered trial separations -- with DIS, not my wife -- over the years.

Whether it was some of Michael Eisner's shortcomings late in his tenure or my initial distaste for hiring his replacement internally, I'm glad I stuck with Disney. I'm also glad that I was dead wrong about CEO Bob Iger.

He has been as sharp as they come in leading a clunky media behemoth. Whether it's delegating authority or playing the diplomat to smooth over ruffled partners, he's the right helmsman at the right time for Disney.

So it was no surprise to see another blowout quarter by Disney on Tuesday. Under Iger's watch, the family entertainment giant has blown past Wall Street's profit targets in all six quarterly reports. I'm not a fan of equity marriages, but this is one that I don't regret.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

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