Forget the necktie -- give Dad something he can really use this year. We're serving up plenty of Foolish ideas to help you out.

It's funny. Here I am, all set to discuss the company behind the Titleist brand of golf products, Fortune Brands (NYSE:FO), for Father's Day. Yet it was right around the time I became a father when my golf clubs began collecting dust.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming my son for keeping me off the course. I just couldn't justify spending hours on end searching the woods and sand traps for my little white ball anymore. And honestly, I really only enjoyed the game about once every 50 swings or so -- which, for me, averaged out to about 2.5 times a round.

While the sport and I were never a good match, there are lots of dads -- including my own -- who thoroughly enjoy perfecting their swings and reading the greens. In fact, I can remember spending days as a kid wandering around the course and creating my own divots here and there while Dad enjoyed a quick nine. He could never understand why I showed such little interest in the sport, which I viewed as best suited for old men in weird clothes. Of course, the clothes and other golf equipment have come a long way from when I was a kid.

For my dad -- and, I assume, for most others who enjoy golf -- the selection of clubs is something of a science. With all of the different lofts, lengths, and head sizes available, it seems as if as much effort goes into finding the perfect club as into actually playing a round of golf.

And if you're looking for a one-stop shop for all of Dad's golfing needs, look no further than Fortune Brands. In addition to Titleist, whose makers claim it to be the most-played ball in golf, the company includes FootJoy and Cobra in its stable of golf products. Oh, and it makes clubs, too.

Although Fortune Brands can no longer claim the most popular players on the tour -- Tiger Woods is a Nike (NYSE:NKE) man, and Phil "Lefty" Mickelson now prefers Callaway (NYSE:ELY) -- it can still claim the most players, thanks to the popularity of its balls. And before everybody starts typing the email, I know -- Tiger still uses a Titleist putter.

What? I'm supposed to talk about Fortune Brands' stock, too? Jeez, so much for relaxing ahead of Father's Day!

OK. Fellow Fool Ryan Fuhrmann recently provided an insightful look at the company's overall performance. The company's stock has performed well over the past year, climbing more than 10%, but it has fallen almost 7% year-to-date. Further, the company just affirmed its outlook for the second quarter and full year, in which it expects earnings to be down from a year ago.

But although the stock has hit a rough patch of late and the next few quarters look challenging, I expect it to straighten out its swing before too long. Investors may see this time as an opportunity to join up with a historically solid performer.

And if I ever take up the game again, you can be assured of a jump in ball sales.

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