After more than five years as a pay-for-access area of our website, we're pleased to announce that The Motley Fool Discussion Boards are now absolutely free and accessible to all! You can check out the wealth of valuable conversations, right now, by visiting our Discussion Boards home page.

People who read and participate in our Discussion Boards become better investors, smarter consumers, and generally more informed people. Valuable topics you'll find being discussed range from the hard-hitting investment analysis of our Investing Strategies and individual Stock Discussions, to the lighter and more entertaining Fun & Games, Sports, or Arts, Travel & Entertainment sections.

The Motley Fool began its online existence in a single discussion board on America Online. No website, no articles, no investing newsletters -- just a simple discussion board where we asked and answered investing questions with anyone willing to join in the conversation and learn together with us. We've always considered our Discussion Boards the heart and soul of our Fool Community, and we're very pleased to invite you to view them now.

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David and Tom Gardner

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