Should troubled Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick seek out future opportunities to regain endorsement deals, one company that probably won't come knocking on his door is the veterinary diagnostics manufacturer, IDEXX Laboratories (NYSE:IDXX). IDEXX has experienced a much better summer than Vick thus far, and its Q2 earnings results will only add to the company's good fortunes. The stock is up 12% since Vick was indicted in mid-July and is up 34% year to date.

Earnings continue to surge for IDEXX as the company reported a 20% increase in adjusted EPS on a 24% increase in revenue vs. its year-ago quarter. The company's largest business segment, its companion animal group, which accounts for more than 80% of its total revenues, experienced a 24% increase in sales when compared to the prior year Q2. The increase was driven by higher product sales and acquisitions such as the company's takeover of Vita-Tech Canada in March. Vita-Tech was the largest provider of reference laboratory testing services to veterinarians in Canada at the time.

Going forward, the outlook is bright for shareholders, as management offered full-year guidance that was slightly higher than the forecast it presented to shareholders in Q1. Investors can also continue to expect positive contributions from the company's two smaller business segments -- its water segment and production animal segment, which both continue to encounter healthy increases in sales volume.

Fools looking to cash in on the growing animal health-care market might also want to consider stocks such as VCA Antech (NASDAQ:WOOF), which recently reported an 18% growth in total revenues, and Heska (NASDAQ:HSKA) which reported an 8% increase in its Q2 revenue on July 24.

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