Let's see what kind of hand Shuffle Master (NASDAQ:SHFL) gets dealt on Monday. Analysts expect the casino equipment maker to earn $0.13 per share, well below the $0.20 per share it earned a year earlier. If you see that as room for potential upside, be careful. The company has missed profit targets in both of this year's first two quarters. In other words, pick a card -- any card -- dealt by the company's automatic shufflers; they've all been coming up jokers lately.

If it's Tuesday, it must be Globecomm (NASDAQ:GCOM). The satellite communications specialist is expected to post healthy fiscal fourth-quarter results. Wall Street is looking for earnings to more than double to $0.19 a share.

(NYSE:BRC) steps up to report on Wednesday. It should have no problem pointing you to its financials. Identification is the name of the company's game. Whether it's exit signs in buildings, laboratory labels, or even personnel ID solutions, Brady's there. Analysts -- whom I guess we can dub the Brady bunch -- expect the bottom line to clock in 33% higher. However, like Shuffle Master, Brady has also come up short in its two most recent quarters. Investors had better hope that the third time's the charm, or else they might start heeding Brady's own exit signs.

Next, we'll see whether CHC Helicopter (NYSE:FLI) takes off. If the name -- or the ticker symbol -- doesn't give it away, CHC provides helicopter services. Serving primarily the oil and exploration industry (where the deep sea oil-drilling platforms cry out for helicopter commutes), the company definitely gains or loses altitude with the overall industry.

With most of Friday's earnings action taking place in foreign companies that don't trade stateside, it will be a good day to dig into a little due diligence before earnings season kicks up in earnest again next month. Consider that your homework assignment, Fools.

Until next week, I remain,
Rick Munarriz

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