Let's start off the trading week by expending some ink on Marvel (NYSE: MVL). The comic book giant couldn't have timed its report any better, right after what promises to be a huge weekend at the box office for its Iron Man production.

Analysts expect earnings to dip from $0.54 a share to $0.44 a share, but Marvel has blown past its profit targets with superhero ease in each of the two previous quarters. Investors still shouldn't read too much into the actual year-over-year performance, because those results will always be lumpy for a hit-driven company.

Disney (NYSE: DIS) has been busy lately, and I'm not talking about any spin control over a racy Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photo shoot or a decision to take down a popular online game. No, we're talking about the quarter as a whole, and Wall Street is looking for fiscal second-quarter earnings to clock in 19% higher on Tuesday. Shareholders aren't too worried. They've seen the company beat guesstimates every single quarter since CEO Rob Iger took the helm.

If Hansen Natural (Nasdaq: HANS) comes through with a monster report on Wednesday, it will probably be because it was a Monster report. The company's Monster energy drink has been on a roll in recent years. Hansen's growth has certainly been stellar: The pros are looking for profits to climb 67% higher to $0.35 a share during the quarter.

If there are wedding bells in the air, The Knot (Nasdaq: KNOT) can't be too far away. The company behind the popular namesake wedding-planning site reports on Thursday. If you'd rather be playing games than walking down the aisle, Activision (Nasdaq: ATVI) will also step up with its quarterly financials. We all know Guitar Hero is a hit. And we all know the merger with Blizzard Entertainment will bring the high-margin World of Warcraft online franchise into its fold. Let's see what Activision can do to truly blow us away.

We can then wrap up the trading week with a look at Clear Channel (NYSE: CCU). What does Clear Channel have against satellite radio? How many bruises did it collect in its own rocky buyout misadventure? The company will shed a little light in its static-free quarterly report on Friday.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

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